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مکالمه در مورد خرید کردن

مکالمه / آموزش مکالمه زبان انگلیسی - مکالمات خرید

Shopping – Interactive Practice



A: “Welcome. Can I help you with anything?”
B: “Hi. I’m shopping for my boyfriend’s birthday. Do you have any suggestions?”
A: “Let’s see. How about a nice shirt and tie? You can’t go wrong there.”
B: “Well. He doesn’t wear ties that often.”
A: “We have some nice pants. You can also get him a belt with it.”
B: “That sounds good. Which one do you recommend?”
A: “These slacks are very popular. He can wear them to dress up a little or on a normal casual day.”
B: “I like them. Do you have matching belts?”
A: “Yes. Right over here.”
B: “How much are they?”
A: “The pants are on sale for $40, and the belt is $25.”
B: “What is your return policy just in case he doesn’t like them?”
A: “Just save the receipt and we will gladly return or exchange them for you.”
B: “That sounds great. I’ll take them.”



A: “Hey Jackie. What are you doing?”
B: “Nothing much. I’m just relaxing today. Why? What’s going on?”
A: “I was thinking about heading to the mall. Do you want to go?”
B: “Are they having a sale?”
A: “Yeah. Both Bon and Nordstrom’s is having there annual sale. It’s a great time to buy some clothes you’ve been holding out on.”
B: “That sounds great. Where should we meet?”
A: “I’ll meet you in front of Nordstrom’s in 30 minutes.”
B: “Sounds good. See you there.”
 of Nordstrom’s in 30 minutes.”


A: “What do you think about these shoes?”
B: “They’re cute. But do you think you’ll wear them much?”
A: “No. Not really.”
B: “This sweater is so pretty. I love the low neck design.”
A: “I bet it’s expensive.”
B: “It’s on sale for $80. What do you think? Should I try them on?”
A: “For 80 bucks it looks great. Go try it on.”
 bucks it looks great. Go try it on.”


A: “Where is your dressing room?”
B: “Right over there.”

B: “Right over there.”

A: “Where is your dressing room?”

A: “I loved it. I’ll take it.”
B: “How did you like the sweater?”
A: “Here you go?”
B: “Great. I can ring you up over here. It comes to $87.04.”
A: “No I don’t.”
B: “Do you have a credit card with us?”
A: “Not today. Thanks though.”
B: “If you open up a card, you can save 10% on all your purchases today.”
A: “Sure.”
B: “No problem. We always have this offer, so when ever you decide to, just let us know.”
A: “Yeah. I was looking at some of your pants, but they are all a bit too long. Do you have alteration services here?”
B: “Is there anything else I can help you with?”
A: “Great. Thanks for your help.”
B: “Yes. It cost $7, and it takes one day.”


چاپفرستادن به ایمیل

صحبت در مورد خرید کادو (هدیه )

مکالمه / آموزش مکالمه زبان انگلیسی - مکالمات خرید

Shopping – Presents



بعضی مواقع از افراد می پرسید که روز تولدشان چه می خواهند


"What do you want for your birthday?"
"Do you need anything?"

یا اینکه در مورد از دوستانتان سوال کنید

"What do you think John wants for his birthday?"
"What do you think I should get for John?"
"What are you getting John for his birthday?


وقتی ایده ای برای خرید ندارید می توانید از فروشنده کمک بگیرید


"I want to buy my girlfriend a birthday present. Do you have any suggestions?"


"I’m shopping for my boyfriend’s birthday. Can you help me pick out something?"


صحبت در مورد جواهرات _ جواهر فروشی ها

مکالمه / آموزش مکالمه زبان انگلیسی - مکالمات خرید


Jewelry – Jewelry Stores  



سوال در مورد فروشگاه های جواهر (جواهر فروشی ها )


"Where is the best place to buy jewelry?"
"Where would you go to buy jewelry?"
"Are all jewelry stores the same?"
"What do you think about Tiffany’s?"
"Does the Shane Co. have good quality jewelry?"
"Do they have high quality rings?"
"What jewelry store do you recommend?"


"It all depends on how much you want to spend."
"The best place to buy jewelry is Tiffany’s. Their service is great and the quality of all their stuff is amazing."
"Jared’s is a pretty good place for the price."
"I like Costco because they are much cheaper than any other place."
"If you want to buy an engagement ring, EE Robins is a great jewelry store."


صحبت در جواهر فروشی ها


"I’m looking for a bracelet."
"Can I see this one?"
"Can I see that one?"
"Can I try it on?"


"How much does this bracelet cost?"
"Do you have this in white gold?"
"Do you have any bracelets with diamonds in them?"


"I’m looking for clip on earrings. Do you carry any?"
"Do you have diamond studded clip on earrings?"


"What types of earrings do you carry?"


"I like this one, but do you have the same one with a bigger diamond?"


"Do you have this bracelet without the design on it?"


"Do you engrave here?"


"I would like to get this bracelet? How much is engraving here?"


"I’m looking for a titanium ring."
"Do you carry any titanium bands?"


"Do you have a matching necklace for this ring?"
"Could I get this diamond on that band?"


"How long will it take to mount this diamond on this ring?"


"This ring is too loose for me now. Can you make it smaller?"


"This ring is too small. Can you make it larger?"


صحبت در مورد خرید از خواروبار فروشی (سوپر مارکت )

مکالمه / آموزش مکالمه زبان انگلیسی - مکالمات خرید


Shopping – Grocery    



قبل از خرید


"I’m going to the grocery store. Do you need anything?"
"I’m going to QFC. Do you want to go?"
"Did you create a grocery list?"
"I’m going to Safeway tonight. Let me know if you need anything by 5:30."
"Let’s go to the grocery store together."


در طول خرید از سوپر مارکت


"Where is your bread section?"
"Where can I find milk?"
"Where are your beers?"
"Do you sell alcohol here?"
"I’m looking for pickles. Can you help me find them?"
"Do you have a bakery section?"
"I’m looking for cough medicine. Where is your medicine area?"


چاپفرستادن به ایمیل

صحبت در مورد جواهرات

مکالمه / آموزش مکالمه زبان انگلیسی - مکالمات خرید





عبارات متداول


"That’s a beautiful necklace."
"What a magnificent ring."
"I like the design of your ring."
"Your bracelet is very nice."
"I love your watch."
"What a beautiful pair of earrings."


"Where did you get your necklace from?"
"What is the carat on your diamond ring?"
"Is that your wedding ring?"


"What type of diamond is that?"


"What is the make of your watch?"


"Is that white gold, silver, or platinum?"


"Is your gold ring 14 carats or 18 carats?"


carat واحد اندازه گیری طلا و الماس است


جواب های متداول

"Thank you. My husband got it for me for our anniversary."
"Thank you. It was a present from my boyfriend."


"Do you like it? My grandmother gave it to me."


"This is a Rolex. My husband and I got a matching pair for our wedding."
"This is a Cartier. I bought it last summer."


عبارات عمومی


"You can tell she is rich by all the jewelry she is wearing."
"Did you see the size of the rock on her finger?"
"Her boyfriend buys her a lot of jewelry. He must be rich."


"I want a necklace for my graduation gift."


"My mom is going to give me her ring when I get married. It’s a tradition we have in our family."


"Girls love jewelry as much as guys love sports."
"Not all girls like jewelry. Some of them think it is a waste of money."
"Even the girls who don’t like jewelry would buy a lot if they had a lot of money."


"Do you think I should buy her a necklace or a ring?"


"If you buy her a ring, she might think you are proposing to her."


"How much do you think I will need to buy my fiancé a nice diamond ring?"
"How much do I need to buy a decent diamond ring?"


"Do girls like diamond earrings?"


صحبت در مورد خرید _لباس خریدن

مکالمه / آموزش مکالمه زبان انگلیسی - مکالمات خرید


Shopping – Clothes     




  اصطلاحی است هنگامی به کار میرود که فقط می حواهید ویترین ها را نگاه کنید وبرنامه خرید از   ‘Window Shopping’


از قبل ندارید


سوالات در مورد خرید لباس در فروشگاه لباس


"Where is the dressing room?"
"I can’t find my size here. Can you check if you have this in a size 4?"
"Do you have this in different colors?"
"Where are your jeans located?"
"Where is the red sweater on display in the window?"
"How much is this skirt?"
"Are you going to have a sale soon?"
"Where is the matching shirt for this skirt?"
"When are you going to get more sizes?"
"I’m looking for a belt that will go with these pants."
"Do you provide alteration here?"
"How much will it cost to get alternation done on these pants?"
"These pants are too long for me. Where can I get them altered?"
"How long does it take?"
"When do you start selling summer clothing?"
"When will you be getting your summer line?"

جواب هایی که ممکن است از فروشنده بشنوید




"The dressing room is in the right back corner."
"The dressing room is right over there."
"All our jeans are located in the back wall."
"We usually get a shipment every Thursday, so I would check back then."
"We have alteration here."
"It costs seven dollars."
"It takes one day. You can pick them up tomorrow if you drop it off now."
"We’ll have our summer line on display in April."

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