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صحبت در مورد اولین سفر تجاری

مکالمه / آموزش مکالمه زبان انگلیسی - مکالمات سفر

First time business trip Q's

سفر های تجاری



وقتی برای اولین بار به سفر تجاری می روید سواللات زیادی برایتان مطرح می شود اگر مطمئن نیستید که چه وسایلی باید با خودتان ببرید می توانید از رئیس یا همکارانتان سوال کنید


"How much do you usually pack for a week long business trip?"
"How big is the suitcase you take with you on a business trip?"
"Do the hotels we stay at have a hair dryer?"


"How many pieces of luggage do you bring with you on a business trip?"


"Where do you usually park when you go to the airport?"
"Is long term parking available at the airport?"
"How early should I go to the airport?"


"Where should we meet?"
"Should we meet at the airport?"


"I missed my flight. The next flight they have available is in 45 minutes. I'll have to meet you at the airport in Los Angeles. I'll call you when I land."


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صحبت در مورد سفر های تجاری

مکالمه / آموزش مکالمه زبان انگلیسی - مکالمات سفر

Business Trips

سفر تجاری

هر شغل تجاری که داشته باشید، سفرهای تجاری بخش مهمی از کار و کسب شما را شامل می شوند.


"Where are we going for our business trip?"

"Where are we going this time?"

"What city are we traveling to?"


"What is the objective for this business trip?"

"What is our goal for this business trip?"
"What do we want to accomplish for this business trip?"


"What is the primary purpose for this business trip?"


"What day are we departing for our business trip to Los Angeles?"

"How long are we going to be there?"

"How long is the business trip scheduled for?"


"What time is ABC Company expecting us?"






"Who should I report to when I get to ABC Company?"






per diem=خرجی سفر را گویند

"How much is the per diem?"

"How much per diem do we get a day?"
"How do we get the per diem?"
""Isn’t the per diem too low?"
"What do they expect us to eat with this amount of per diem?"


" Is the business trip really going to take us all five days? "

" If we finish on the fourth day, can we come back early? "

"I think we can finish a day early. Can we come back on Thursday if we complete our work early?"


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مکالمه در فروشگاه

مکالمه / آموزش مکالمه زبان انگلیسی - مکالمات سفر

store and More - Interactive Practice


A: "Do you need help finding anything?"
B: "I'm looking for this shirt in a small."
A: "Let me see if we have any in the back."
B: "Thank you."
A: "I found a couple. Here you go."
B: "Thank you. Do you sell belts here?"
A: "Yes. They are on the other side of the counter there."
B: "Thank you."
A: "You're welcome. Let me know if you need anything else."


A: "Do you have disposable cameras?"
B: "Yes. They are next to the film on aisle 6A."
A: "Which way is 6A?"
B: "Two rows that way."
A: "Great. Thank you."

A: "Hi. I would like to send this to Korea."
B: "How would you like to send it?"
A: "What is the price difference?"
B: "You can send it priority airmail for $17.68 or regular airmail for $13.95."
A: "I'll send it through regular airmail."
B: "Is there any food items in here?"
A: "No."
B: "Is there any firearms or explosives?"
A: "No."
B: "Is there anything fragile?"
A: "No."
B: "Would you like to insure the contents?"
A: "How much is insurance?"
B: "For $200, it comes to $3.76."
A: "Yes please."
B: "Do you need any stamps today?"
A: "No thank you."
B: "Ok. Your total is $18.63."


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صحبت در مورد بانک _ تبدیل پول


مکالمه / آموزش مکالمه زبان انگلیسی - مکالمات سفر

Bank - Currency Exchange


وقتی به کشور دیگر سفر می کنید نیازی نیست که حساب در بانک باز کنید می توانید سوالات زیر را بپرسید


"Do you exchange foreign currency?"
"What is your exchange rate for the Korean Won?"
"Can I cash my traveler's checks here?"


"The exchange rate is .0009 cents for one won."


"I would like to exchange 500,000 won please."


صحبت در خواربارفروشی

مکالمه / آموزش مکالمه زبان انگلیسی - مکالمات سفر

Grocery Store


در خواروبار فروشی وقتی به چیزی نیاز داشتید می توانید بگوییید


"Where is the fruit section?"
"Do you sell ice cream here?"
"Where can I find batteries?"
"Where is the toothpaste?"
"Can you point me to the medicine area?"
"Where is the bakery section?"
"Do you sell fresh seafood?"


"Do you sell postcards?"
"Where can I find film?"


توجه داشته باشید که  کلمه film  را درست تلفظ کنید اگر به درستی نمی توانید تلفظ کنید بهتر است از جمله زیر استفاده کنید تا متوجه منظور شما بشوند


 "Where can I find camera film?



"Where are the shopping carts?"
"Where can I find a shopping basket?"


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صحبت در مورد فروشگاه های چند بخشی

مکالمه / آموزش مکالمه زبان انگلیسی - مکالمات سفر

Department Store



پیدا کردن



"Do you have different sizes for this shirt?"
"Where are your blue jeans?"
"Do you have regular T-Shirts here?"


"Where is the dressing room?"
"Do you have a dressing room?"


وقتی از کفشی خوشتان می یاید باید فروشنده را صدا کنید تا سایز مورد نظر شما را بیاورد سوالاتی که می توانید بپرسید


"Can I try this shoe on in a seven?"
"Can I get this in nine and a half?"
"Can I get this in a size six?"

وقتی اندازه خود را نمی دانید می توانید از عبارات زیر استفاده کنید


"I don't know what my size is?"
"I don't know what size I am."
"Can you take my measurement?"


وقتی به صندوق مراجعه کردید لازم نیست چیزی بگویید خودشان  از شما می پرسند


"Did you find everything you needed today?"
"Was anyone helping you with this?"
"Would you like to open a credit card? You can get 10 percent off of everything for today."


مکالمه در رستوران

مکالمه / آموزش مکالمه زبان انگلیسی - مکالمات سفر

At the Restaurant - Interactive Practice





A: "Welcome to McDonald's. May I take your order?"
B: "I'll take the number one."
A: "What size would you like?"
B: "Medium please."
A: "Will that be for here or to go?"
B: "Here please."
A: "The total comes to $4.89. We'll have that right out for you."


A: "Can I get a drink started for you?"
B: "I'll take a coke."
A: "One coke. I'll be right out with your coke."
--Pause-- "Here's is your coke. Are you ready to order?"
B: "Can I have one more minute?"
A: "Sure. I'll be back in a little bit."
--Pause-- "Do you need more time?"
B: "I'm ready now. I'll have the Patty Melt with fries."
A: "Do you want regular fries or steak fries?"
B: "Steak fries please."
A: "I'll have that out for you in a few minutes."
--Pause-- "Here you go. Do you need anything else?"
B: "Can I have a bottle of ketchup?"
A: "I have one right here."
B: "Great. Thanks."
A: "Is everything ok here?"
B: "Yes. Thank you."
--Pause-- "Excuse me. Can I have my bill?"
A: "Sure. Here you go."


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دادن سفارش در رستوران

مکالمه / آموزش مکالمه زبان انگلیسی - مکالمات سفر

Regular Restaurant Ordering



وقتی در رستوران نشسته اید اولین موردی که از شما پرسیده می شود این است که چه چیزی می نوشید؟


"Can I get you a drink?"
"Can I get a drink for you?"
"Would you like to order a drink now?"
"Can I get a drink started for you?"
"What would you like to drink?"


"I'll take a coke."
"I'll have an orange juice."
"Water will be fine."
"Can I have a glass of water?"


وقتی نوشیدنیتان را آوردند از شما در مورد دستور غذایی را می پرسند علت این کار این است که بیشتر مردم می دانند چه می خواهند بنوشند اما برای دستور دادن غذا به زمان بیشتری نیاز دارند


"May I take your order?"
"What would you like to order?"
"Are you ready to order?"
"What would you like today?"


اگر به زمان بیشتری نیاز داشتید به راحتی می توانید بگویید

 "Can I have a couple more minutes?"


وقتی که آماده دستور بودید فقط کافی است که آن را بخوانید



"I'll take the Salisbury steak with hash browns."


با توجه  به غذایی که انتخاب کرده اید ممکن است موارد دیگری از شما سوال شود بنابراین با دقت منوی غذایی را مطالعه فرمایید و به سوالاتی که از شما پرسیده می شود توجه کنید

"Would you like toast, a muffin, or a cornbread?" 

وقتی اولین بار به رستورانی می روید از شما خواهند پرسید که همه چیز خوب است در این لحظه شما می توانید نظرتان را مطرح کنید سوالاتی که می پرسند


"How is everything?"
"Is everything ok?"
"How is your dinner?"
"How is your lunch?"
"Are you guys doing ok?"
"Do you need anything else?"


وقتی غذایتان تمام شد از شما برای دسر سوال می کنند


"Would you like dessert today?"
"Would you like our dessert menu?"
"Would you like to order any dessert?"
"Any dessert for you today?"
"Would you like to hear our dessert special?"


هنگامی که می خواهید درخواست صورت حساب کنید به اطراف نگاه می کنید واز گارسون می خواهید که آن را برایتان بیاورد


"Can I have my check?"
"Can I have my bill?"
"I'm ready for my bill."
"I would like my check please."  

صحبت در مورد رستوران _فست فود

مکالمه / آموزش مکالمه زبان انگلیسی - مکالمات سفر

Fast Food

فست فود

در رستوران های فست فود ابتدا به پیشخوان می روید ، دستور غذا می دهید و همان لحظه صورتحساب غذا را پرداخت می کنید


عبارات زیر را مطالعه فرمایید

"Welcome to McDonald's. May I take your order?"
"I'll take a Big Mac and a small coke."
"One Big Mac and one small coke. Will that be all?"
"Will that be for here or to go?"
"For here please."
"The total comes to $3.87."


متداول ترین اشتباه این است که پاسخ " yes " یا " No" بدهید مثلا هنکامی که صندوق دار می پرسد

  for here or to go پاسخ بله یا خیر اشتباه است.


در بیشتر رستوران های فست فود دستور غذایی دادن آسان است



"I'll take number 2."


"Would you like medium, large, or super size?"

"Medium please." 


چاپفرستادن به ایمیل

سوال وجواب برای گرفتن آدرس _ تمرین

مکالمه / آموزش مکالمه زبان انگلیسی - مکالمات سفر

Regular Practice



Question: "Excuse me. I’m looking for a supermarket. Do you know where the closest one is?"


Answer: "Yes. It is a couple miles away. What you want to do is go down this street for about a mile. At 112th street, turn left. Stay on 112th until you pass three lights. You should see 56th street. Turn right and you will see the supermarket just around the corner."


Question: "Excuse me. Do you know where Starbucks is located?"


Answer: "Yes. Go down this street. When you reach a ‘T’, turn right. At the next stop sign, turn left. You’ll see a gas station on your left. Starbucks is directly across the street."


Question: "Excuse me. I’m looking for Best Western. Wasn’t there one around here?"


Answer: "Yeah. Let me think… the best way to get there is by turning right at the next street. Immediately take another right on the next street. Go for about 2 miles. When you see Greenwood Avenue, turn left. Head down Greenwood for about 3 miles. I believe it will be on your left hand side. If you pass a school, that means you went too far."


Question: "Excuse me. How do I get to the airport from here?"
Answer: "Turn around and you’ll see an entrance to the freeway. Go south. You’ll have to go for about 15 miles. You should see airport signs, but just in case, it is exit number 154. Turn right off the ramp and it will be straight ahead."


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سوال برای گرفتن آدرس یا نشانی

مکالمه / آموزش مکالمه زبان انگلیسی - مکالمات سفر

Asking for Directions    
گرفتن آدرس 


"Excuse me. Do you know where the post office is?"
"Excuse me. Can you point me to the nearest gas station?"
"Excuse me. Can you give me quick directions to the movie theatre?"
"Excuse me. Do you know how to get to the Shopping mall from here?"
"Excuse me. How do I get to the freeway from here?"


"Excuse me. I’m looking for Bank of America. I thought it was around here. Do you know where it is?"
"Excuse me. I’m looking for the post office. Do you know how to get there?"


"Excuse me. What is the best way to get to Seattle?"

جواب ها


Take a Left/Right


"Take a left at the next light."
"Take a right at the gas station."
"When you get to Robson Street, take a left."
"After you pass 7-11, take a right at the next light."
"Take a left when you come to a stop sign."



Turn Left/Right


"Turn right on 112th."
"Turn left after you pass McDonalds."
"When you see a church on your left hand side, turn right on the next street."
"Turn left at the next street and immediately take another left."


Just/Right around the corner


"It’s just right around the corner on the left side."
"It’s right around the corner from the Starbucks over there."
"Go down the street, turn left on Williams Street, and it will be right around the corner from the gas station."

Go for five blocks/After three blocks


"After you turn right, go for five blocks and turn left. It will be right around the corner."
"After three blocks, turn left. You will see it on your right hand side."
"Go for four blocks and then turn right."


Across the street from/Directly across


"It’s across the street from the library."
"It’s directly across from Taco Bell."
"Go for three blocks, turn left at the next light. You’ll see it across the street from McDonalds."
"Go down the street. You’ll see it directly across from the gas station."


Go for 2 miles


"It’s pretty far from here. Go on Washington Street for about 2 miles. You’ll see it next to a school."
"Turn right at the stop sign and go straight for a couple of miles. At 112th turn left. You’ll see it on your right hand side."
"Go straight on this street for about 3 miles. You’ll see it next to Wendy’s."

On the third light


"Go down this street, after you pass two stop lights, turn right on the third light. You’ll see it right around the corner."
"Head down Madison Street and on the fourth light, turn left. You should see it immediately."
"Turn right on Jackson. Keep going straight for three lights. When you see Burger King, turn left. It’s right there."


The ‘Y’



است منظور دو راهی است "Y"  یک خیابانی است که که به دو قسمت تقسیم میشود. خیابان شبیه حرف "Y"


"Keep going down this street. Stay on the left side when you reach the ‘Y’. At the next light, turn right."


"Take a left on Jackson. At the ‘Y’ go to the right. It will be on your left hand side about a mile down that street."

"Go for about three miles on this street. At the ‘Y’ go to the left. You’ll see a blue house on your right. It’s right after that house."



The ‘T’

تقاطع T یک تقاطع سه راهی است که شما می توانید هم به چپ و هم به راست بروید. چون خیابان شبیه حرف T است مردم آن را تقاطع T می نامند بعضی وقت ها هم ان را تقاطع T نمی نامند اسامی دیگر ی که برای یک سه راهی ممکن است بشنوید توصیفی تر وطولانی تر است

این ها چند نمونه است




‘When the road ends…’
‘When you can’t go anymore…’
‘Three way intersection…’

"در انتهای جاده..."
"وقتی دیگر نمی توانید مستقیم بروید..."
"سه  راه(ی) ..."

"At the ‘T’ intersection, turn right. It is just around the corner."



"When you pass a gas station, you will come up to a ‘T’. Take a left, and then an immediate right."


"Go down this road until it ends. Turn left at the ‘T’ and you will see the gas station on your right."


Dead end


این یک لغت مربوط به جهت نیست، بن بست (dead end) راهی است که فقط یک ورودی دارد. به این معنا که تنها راه خروج همان راهی است که از آن وارد شدید. همه بن بست ها یک تابلو راهنما با لغت "بن بست" (Dead End) دارند.


"Turn right on 117th. It’s a dead end. We are on the right hand side at the end of the street."



"There are three places to turn right. The second one is a dead end so make sure you don’t go in there."



"I live in a dead end street. It’s nice because there isn’t much traffic."


چاپفرستادن به ایمیل

مکالمه در مورد هتل

مکالمه / آموزش مکالمه زبان انگلیسی - مکالمات سفر

Hotel – Interactive Practice


A: “Thank you for calling Great Hotel. How may I help you?”
B: “I would like to rent a room, but how much do you charge a night?”
A: “Our prices start at $79 a night for a standard room.”
B: “Great. Can you reserve a room for me?”
A: “Sure. What day are you coming in?”
B: “I will be checking in on August 3rd.”
A: “How many days do you need the room for?”
B: “I’ll need it for three nights.”
A: “Ok. I have you coming in on the 3rd of August and checking out on the 6th. Is that correct?”
B: “Yes.”
A: “How many total adults?”
B: “Two adults and two kids.”
A: “How old are the children?”
B: “۱۰ and 12.”
A: “Would you like one room or two rooms?”
B: “Just one is fine.”
A: “Would you like a smoking room or a non smoking room?”
B: “Non smoking room please.”
A: “Can I have your last name?”
B: “Park.”
A: “Your first name”
B: “Young. That’s Y O U N G.”
A: “Let me confirm your information Mr. Park. I have one non smoking double room with 2 adults and 2 children from August 3rd to August 6th. Is this correct?”
B: “Yes.”
A: “The total comes to $256.78. Can I get your credit card number?”
B: “Sure. It is 444444444444.”
A: “What is the name on the credit card?”
B: “Young Park.”
A: “I have the room reserved for you. If you need to cancel, please call us 24 hours before your check in date. Failure to cancel will result in a one day charge on your credit card. Is there anything else I can do for you?”
B: “Yes, one more question. What time can we check in.”
A: “We can check you in by 2:00pm.”
B: “Great. Thank you.”
A: “Thank you and have a great day.”
B: “Thanks. Bye”
A: “Good bye.”


چاپفرستادن به ایمیل

صحبت در مورد تحویل گرفتن وتخلیه کردن اتاق در هتل

مکالمه / آموزش مکالمه زبان انگلیسی - مکالمات سفر

Checking In and Checking Out

تخلیه هتل   


برای تحویل گرفتن اتاق شما باید به پیشخوان بروید و از جملات زیر استفاده کنید


"Hi, I am checking in."
"Hi, I have a reservation and I am checking in."


هنگام تحویل گرفتن کلید اتاق ممکن سوالات زیر برایتان پیش بیاید


"Where is the elevator?"
"Do you have concierge service here?"
"Do you have a map of the city?"
"What time should I check out by?"
"What time is check out?


برای تخلیه اتاق کافی است از جمله زیر استفاده کنید


"I am checking out."


و به شما خواهند گفت


"Thank you for staying with us. We look forward to seeing you again."


چاپفرستادن به ایمیل

صحبت در مورد رزرو کردن اتاق در هتل

مکالمه / آموزش مکالمه زبان انگلیسی - مکالمات سفر

Making a Reservation


معمولا قبل از رفتن به هتل باید اتاقی رزرو کنید برای این کار با بخش پذیرش هتل تماس می گیرید واتاقی رززو می کنید می توانید ابتدا از قیمت سوال کنید

"Hi, how much are your rooms?"
"Hi, what are your rates?"
"Hello, how much is a room?"

"Our rooms start at $79 for a basic room."
"Our rooms start at $79 for a standard room and go up to $300 for a suite."



"Ok. Can I reserve a room?"


"Hi, I would like to reserve a room."
"Hello, can I reserve a couple of rooms?"


اولین چیزی که می پرسند روز و تاریخی است که می خواهید رزرو کنید


"What day do you want to check in?"
"Which date did you want to reserve?"
"What date are you looking for?"


"I want a room from June 22nd to June 25th."
"I would like a room for the 19th of July."


"How long will you be staying with us?"
"When will you be checking out?"
"How many days would you like the room for?"


"I am going to stay for 3 days."
"I would like to reserve the room for 4 days."
"I am going to need the room until July 23rd."


سوالات بعدی در مورد تعداد اتاق ها و افراد است



 "How many rooms will you need?"
"Is this for only one room?"
"How many rooms would you like to reserve?"
"How many rooms should I reserve for you?"


"I will only need one room."
"I am going to need two rooms."


"How many adults will be in your party?"
"How many total children will be with you?"


"Just two adults."
"A total of four adults."
"I will be alone."


"A total of 2 adults and 2 children."
"One adult and 2 children."


بعد از آن از نوع  اتاق و تختخوابی که شما می خواهید سوال می شود


"Would you like a single king size bed, or two double size beds in the room?"
"Will a single king size bed be ok?"
"We only have a room with two double size beds. Will that be ok?"


"Do you want a smoking room or a non smoking room?"
"Do you prefer a smoking or non smoking room?"


"I would like a smoking room."
"Can I have a non smoking room?"
"Either is fine."
"I don’t have a preference."


سر اخر تمام اطلاعات را برای شما تکرار می کنند



"Ok, Mr. Lee. I have one smoking room reserved for July 19th till July 22nd. The total comes to $256.78 after tax. If you need to cancel, please call us 24 hours before July 19th. Can I help you with anything else?"


چاپفرستادن به ایمیل

مکالمه در مورد اجاره کردن ماشین

مکالمه / آموزش مکالمه زبان انگلیسی - مکالمات سفر

Car Rental – Interactive Practice

اجاره ماشین،سفر


A: “Hello, ABC Car Rental. How can I help you?”
B: “Hi, I wanted to make a reservation.”
A: “What location would you like to rent from?”
B: “I am flying into Los Angeles Airport. Do you have a booth there?”
A: “Yes we do. What date are you flying in?”
B: “I am arriving on June 22nd.”
A: “What time is your arrival time?”
B: “I am scheduled to arrive at 2 pm.”
A: “How long would you like to rent the vehicle?”
B: “I will need it for 10 days.”
A: “What size car would you like?”
B: “A midsize car please.”
A: “Can I get your name?”
B: “Yes. My name is Sang Min Lee.”
A: “Can you spell that?”
B: “Last name is L E E. First name is S A N G. Middle initial is M.”
A: “Great. Thank you. I have reserved a midsize car for you for June 22nd until July 1st. Is there anything else I can help you with?”
B: “That will be all.”
A: “Thank you for calling.”
B: “Thank you. Bye.”

A: “How can I help you today?”
B: “I would like to rent a car.”
A: “Do you have a reservation?”
B: “No.”
A: “That’s alright. Let’s see what we can find. We have several cars to choose from. What size are you looking for?”
B: “What are my options?”
A: “A compact car, midsize car, and a minivan.”
B: “How much are they?”
A: “Compact is $2.1.95 a day, midsize is $27.95 a day, and a minivan is 35.95 a day.”
B: “I’ll take a midsize car.”
A: “How long will you be renting the car?”
B: “One week.”
A: “How many people will be driving the car?”
B: “Just myself.”
A: “Would you like insurance?”
B: “How much is it?”
A: “It is $14.95 a day and it covers everything regardless of fault.”
B: “Yes please.”
A: “Can I have your name?”
B: “Last name is Lee. L E E. First name is Sang. S A N G.”
A: “You address please?”
B: “I am from Korea. Would you like my address in Korea?”
A: “Just the city name.”
B: “Seoul, Korea.”
A: “Can I see your driver’s license and a credit card?”
B: “Sure. Here it is.”
A: “Great. That will be $324.92. Would you like me to charge it on this card?”
B: “Yes. That will be fine.”
A: “Please sign here. You can pick up your car downstairs. Your expected time to return the car is June 29th. That is exactly one week. Show the attendant this invoice. When you return the car, bring this invoice with you. Also, the gas tank is full, you should fill up the gas tank before you return. If you don’t want to, we can do it for $3 a gallon. Is there anything else I can do for you?”
B: “That will be all. Thank you.”
A: “Thank you. Good bye


چاپفرستادن به ایمیل

صحبت در مورد اجاره ماشین در سفر در مکالملت انگلیسی

مکالمه / آموزش مکالمه زبان انگلیسی - مکالمات سفر

Car Availability   


اجاره ماشین در مسافرت امری متداول است اگر شما در فرودگاه باشید می توانید از کارمند آنجا در مورد اینکه از کجا

می توانید ماشین اجاره کنید بپرسید

"where is the rental car booth?"



"where can I rent a car?"


وقتی به جایی که می توانید ماشین اجاره کنید رفتید می توانید بپرسید که ماشینی آماده دارند



"Hi. I would like to rent a car."
"Do you have any cars available?"

ممکن بپرسند که آیا شما از قبل رزرو کرده اید


"Did you make a reservation?"

 اگر ماشینی آماده نداشته باشند می گویند

 "I’m sorry, we do not have any cars available today."

معمولا هر فرودگاهی بیش از یک پیشخوان برای اجاره ماشین دارد بنابراین می توانید به پیشخوان بعدی مراجعه کنید وسوال خود را تکرار کنید


اگر ماشین آماده برای اجاره داشتند از اندازه و نوع ماشینی که می خواهید خواهند پرسید


"What size car would you like?"
"What type of car would you like?"
"What type of car do you need?"


"What sizes do you have?"
"What are my options?"


"We have compact, midsize, full size, luxury, SUV, and a minivan."


"How much is the full size car?"
"How much is the midsize car?"


"How many does the full size car seat?"
"How many can fit in the midsize car?"


"I’ll take a midsize car."


بعد از اینکه ماشینی که شما خواسته بودید را آماده کردند از شما می پرسند که برای چه مدت آن را می خواهید اجاره کنید

"How long will you be needing the car?"
"How long will you be renting the car?"
"When do you need the car till?"


"I’ll need the car for two weeks."
"I want to rent it for one week."
"I need it for 4 days."
"I need it for just a day."


ممکن از شما بخواهند فرمی را پر کنید یا حتی سوالات دیگری از شما بپرسند

"What is your last name?"
"What is your first name?"
"Are you a United States resident?"
"What country are you from?"
"What is your address?"


قبل از اینکه قیمت اجاره را به شما بدهند از شما می پرسند که می خواهید بیمه کنید یا اینکه بیمه دارید

"Would you like insurance on the car?"


"How much is insurance?"

 همچنین از شما خواهند پرسید که راننده چه کسی است


"Who is going to be the driver?"
"How many people are going to drive?"
"Are all the drivers at least 25 years old?"


شما باید گواهی نامه خود را همراه داشته باشید


"Can I see your driver’s license?"
"May I have your driver’s license?"
"I will need to see your driver’s license."

سرانجام قیمت را به شما خواهند گفت

"The total will be $184.19.


وقتی که پول را پرداختید به شما قوانین را توضیح خواهند داد


"The gas tank is full. You should fill it up before you return the car. If you do not, then we charge $3 a gallon."

"You can pick up your car downstairs. Just show them the invoice and they will have your car ready for you."

"You will need to return it by 4pm on the 16th. We charge an additional $8 for every four hours that you are late. Return it to the same place you pick up the car."

"Please keep this form in the car. Bring it with you when you return the vehicle."


چاپفرستادن به ایمیل

سوالات و جواب های پرسیده شده مربوط به فرودگاه در مکالمات زبان انگلیسی

مکالمه / آموزش مکالمه زبان انگلیسی - مکالمات سفر

At the Counter




  در فرودگاه وقتی که به پیشخوان چک کردن بلیط می رسید، شما باید بلیط و پاسپورت خود را به متصدی تحویل دهید. اولین سوالی که آن ها معمولا می پرسند این است که چند نفر همراه شما دارند مسافرت می کنند.

ترجمه متن بالا:


"Is anybody traveling with you today?"

" آیا در حال حاضر کسی با شما مسافرت می کند؟"

"Is anybody else traveling with you?"

" آیا شخص دیگری در حال مسافرت با شما هست؟"

"Are just you two traveling today?"

" آیا در حال حاضر فقط شما دو نفر درحال مسافرت کردنید؟"




همه خطوط هوایی یک لیست سوال دارند که باید از شما بپرسند. بیایید به چند سوال نگاهی بندازیم.

"Did someone you do not know ask you to take something on the plane with you?"

"آیا کسی که شما نمی شناسیدش از شما خواسته که با خودتان چیزی را به داخل هواپیما ببرید؟"

"Did you have possession of your luggage since you packed?"

"آیا از لحظه ای که چمدان هایتان را بستید آن ها را در اختیار داشتید؟"

نکته آموزشی:

کلمهluggage  یک اسم غیر قابل شمارش است و با توجه به معنی جمله می توان جمع یا مفرد بودن آن را تشخیص داد.

"Did you leave your luggage unattended at all in the airport?"

"آیا چمدان هایتان را تنها و بدون اینکه کسی مراقبشان باشد در فرودگاه ول کردید؟"


نکته آموزشی:

 اصطلاح at all برای تاکید در جملات منفی یا سوالی به کار می رود و می تواند به معنای "اصلا" و "ابدا" باشد یا فقط جنبه تاکید داشته باشد

"Are you carrying any weapons or firearms?"

" آیا شما هیچ گونه سلاح یا اسلحه گرمی با خود دارید؟ "



نکته آموزشی:

هر یک از علامت های "‌ ، علامت کوتیشن مارک یا نقل قول ،quotation mark، نام دارد که جزء نشانه های نقطه گذاری (مثل نقطه و کاما است). به یاد داشته باشید که تمام نشانه های نقطه گذاری (مثل نقطه، علامت سوال و کاما و غیره). درون " " قرار می گیرند و نه خارج آن، بنابر این جمله ای به صورت:


"Are you carrying any weapons or firearms"?

که علامت سوال خارج از " " قرار گرفته از لحاظ قوانین نقطه گذاری اشتباه می باشد.

"Are you carrying any flammable material?"

"آیا هر گونه ماده قابل اشتعالی با خود دارید؟ "

"Do you have any perishable food items?"


"آیا شما هرگونه کالای خوراکی فاسد شدنی دارید؟ "



اگر شما متوجه معنای جمله ها نشوید نمی توانید جواب بله یا خیر به همه آن ها بدهید.

"How many luggage are you checking in?"

"چند عدد چمدان را دارید تحویل می دهید؟ "


نکته آموزشی:

Check in  در اینجا به معنی تحویل دادن می باشد. مثال:


"did you check in your baggage"  

"چمدان هایت را تحویل دادی؟"

"Do you have a carry on?"

"آیا چمدان دستی (کوچکی) دارید؟"


نکته آموزشی:

 ”a” در جمله بالا معنی "یک" نمی دهد بلکه به عنوان "ی" نکره به کار بره شده است. به مثال زیر توجه نمایید:

"   I see a man" یعنی: "مردی را می بینم" است.


همیشه به این نکته مهم توجه داشته باشید که برای ترجمه نباید اولین معنی که به ذهنمان می رسد را به کار ببریم، باید سعی نماییم که هرکلمه ای را حتی اگر فکر می کنیم معنای آن کلمه را می دانیم در فرهنگ لغت مناسب چک نماییم. برای کسب مهارت بیشتر در ترجمه و آموزش ترجمه، به مطالب بخش اتاق ترجمه که برگرفته از "مجله وزین مترجم " می باشد مراجعه نمایید.

"Can you place your baggage up here?"


"می توانید چمدان هایتان را این بالا قرار دهید؟"

"How many carry on bags are you taking with you?"


"چند ساک دستی با خودتان دارید؟"




بعد، آن ها ممکن است بپرسند که آیا شما صندلی طرف راهرو را ترجیح می دهید یا طرف پنجره را؟

"Do you prefer window or aisle?"

" طرف پنجره را ترجیح می دهید یا راهرو را؟"

اگر صندلی های طرف راهرو تمام شده باشد، آن ها از شما می پرسند، طرف پنجره مناسب است؟

"We do not have any aisle seats remaining. Is a window seat ok with you or would you prefer a middle seat?"

" هیچ صندلی طرف راهرو باقی نمانده. آیا صندلی طرف پنجره برای شما مناسب است یا یک صندلی در ردیف وسط را ترجیح می دهید؟"




بعضی افراد دوست دارند که کنار درب خروج اضطراری باشند. شما می توانید آن صندلی را درخواست نمایید.

"Do you have a seat next to the emergency exit?"

"آیا صندلی کنار درب خروج اضطراری دارید؟"

"Can I have a seat closest to the emergency exit?"

"می توانم صندلی در نزدیک ترین جا به درب خروج اضطراری داشته باشم؟"


نکته آموزشی:

Closest صفت عالی صفت close است. برای اطلاع بیشتر به بخش آموزش دستور سایت مراجعه نمایید اما نکته مهم اینجاست که تلفظ فعل close  با صفت close متفاوت است. حتما تلفظ آن را در یک فرهنگ لغت، ترجیحا صوتی، مطالعه نمایید.



اگر داشته باشند، شما صندلی کنار خروجی به دست می آورید، اما اگر نداشته باشند، سعی می کنند صندلی که نزدیک آن را به شما بدهند.

"All the seats next to the exit have been taken. I have a seat directly in front of it. Would you like that one?"

"تمام صندلی های مجاور درب خروج رزرو شده. من یک صندلی درست مقابل آن دارم. آن را می خواهید؟"


بعد از همه این مراحل، آن ها شماره درب ورود به هواپیما و زمان سوار شدن را به شما می گویند.



"Here are your tickets. The gate number is on the bottom of the ticket. They will start boarding 20 minutes before the departure time. You should report to gate C2 by then. C2 is around the corner and down the hall. Thank you."

"این بلیط های شما است. شماره درب وارد شدن به هواپیما در انتهای بلیط (قرار دارد) نوشته شده است. آن ها ۲۰ دقیقه قبل از زمان حرکت شروع به سوار کردن می نمایند. شما باید تا آن موقع به درب سی ۲ (C2) اطلاع دهید. سی ۲ پایین نزدیک و پایین راهرو است. متشکرم."


معمولا به شما گفته می شود که از کدام در وارد  هواپیما شوید ولی اگر نیاز باشد که شما دوباره بپرسید می توانید از

سوالات زیر استفاده کنید


"Which gate did you say it was?"
"What was the gate number again?"


"Can you point me towards the gate?"
"How do I get to the gate again?"
"How do I get to gate C2?"
"Where is gate C2?


چاپفرستادن به ایمیل

مکالمه در فرودگاه

مکالمه / آموزش مکالمه زبان انگلیسی - مکالمات سفر

Airport – Interactive Practice


A: “Welcome. May I have your tickets?”
B: “Here you go.”
A: “Is anybody else traveling with you two?”
B: “No. It’s just us.”
A: “Do you have your passports with you?”
B: “Yes. Here it is.”
A: “I’m going to ask you a series of questions. Please respond with a yes or a no.”
B: “Ok.”
A: “Did someone you do not know ask you to take something on the plane with you?”
B: “No.”
A: “Did you have possession of your luggage since you packed?”
B: “Yes.”
A: “Did you leave your luggage unattended at all in the airport?”
B: “No.”
A: “Are you carrying any weapons or firearms?”
B: “No.”
A: “Are you carrying any flammable material?”
B: “No.”
A: “Do you have any perishable food items?”
B: “No.”
A: “Great. Can you place your baggage over here?”
B: “Sure.”
A: “Would you like an aisle or a window seat?”
B: “Window seat please.”
A: “Ok. I am placing you two in 21A and 21B. The gate number is C2. It is on the bottom of the ticket. They will start boarding 20 minutes before the departure time. C2 is located around the corner through the hall. Thank you.”
B: “Can you point me to gate C2?”
A: “Sure. It’s that way. Around that corner.”
B: “Great. Thank you


چاپفرستادن به ایمیل

تغییر دادن تاریخ حرکت

مکالمه / آموزش مکالمه زبان انگلیسی - مکالمات سفر

Departing Date


وقتی می خواهید تاریخ حرکت بلیط خود را تغییر دهید باید با شرکت هواپیمایی تماس بگیرید


"I have an open ended ticket and I would like to schedule a departure date."
"I have a ticket and I need to schedule a departure date."


"I am scheduled to depart on June 15th. Can I change this to a later date?"
"I have a ticket to depart on June 15th. I would like to see if there is an earlier flight available."


واز شما پرسیده می شود که چه تاریخی را برای حرکت انتخاب کرده اید


"What date would you like to depart?"
"What date would you like to change it to?"
"When do you want to depart?


جواب هایی که می دهید باید تاریخ حرکت را مشخص کند


"I would like to leave on June 22nd."
"Is June 22nd available?"
"Can you check if June 22nd is possible?"
"I was hoping to reserve a seat for June 22nd."


نمونه پاسخ هایی که به شما خواهند داد مانند زیر می باشد


"Yes. We have seats available for the 22nd. Would you like me to reserve them?"
"On the 22nd, the departure time is 1:00pm. Should I reserve them?"
"We have two flights departing on that date. Would you like to depart at 10am or 7pm?"


"I’m sorry, but we do not have any available seats on the 22nd. Should I put you on the waiting list?"
"I’m sorry, there are no departures for the 22nd. We have a flight leaving on the 21st and the 24th. Will either of these days work for you?"
"The 22nd is full. The next available flight is on the 23rd. Would you like me to reserve a seat on that date?"


چاپفرستادن به ایمیل

زمان پرواز را تایید کردن

مکالمه / آموزش مکالمه زبان انگلیسی - مکالمات سفر

Confirming your Flight



وقتی قصد دارید با هواپیما پرواز کنید معمولا برای تایید کردن بلیط باید چند روز زود تر با شرکت هواپیمایی تماس بگیرید در اینچا سوالاتی که می توانید بپرسید را آورده ایم


You: "I would like to confirm my flight."
Them: "Can I get your ticket number?"
You: "The number is 45-6-43."
Them: "You are scheduled to depart on June 15th at 1:00 pm. Is this correct?"
You: "Yes it is."
Them: "Is anybody else traveling with you?"
You: "Yes, my wife."
Them: "Can I have the other ticket number?"
You: "It is 45-6-44."
Them: "Your tickets have been confirmed. Please arrive at the airport 3 hours before your flight departs. Thank you for calling."



 سایر سوالاتی که ممکن در فرودگاه بشنوید

"Would you like to book your seats now?"
"Would you like a window seat or an aisle seat?"


"What is your ticket number?"
"What is your last name?"
"What is your first name?"


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