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امام حسین -------------- Imam Hussain

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the second imam is imam hassan son of imam ali ibn abutalib and fatimah, daughter of the holy prophet, peace be upon them all. he was born in madina on tuesday the fifteenth of ramadan in the second year of hijrah. he died, as a martyr because of poison mixed in his food, on thursday the twenty seventh of safar in the year forty ninth after hijrah. his younger brother, imam hussayn prepared his body for the burial and he was buried in baqi' cemetery in madina. he excelled all others in his time in worshipping allah, in knowledge and in spiritual perfections. he was more like the prophet than other people. he was the most kind hearted person in his family at his time and the most forbearing among people. once a house maid presented him a bunch of flowers and because of this the imam set her free. he then said that it was because of how allah has disciplined us and he stated this from the holy qur'an, " when you are greeted, you should respond in even a better way or just return the greeting." the holy prophet loved imam hassan a lot and he would say about him, " i love him and all those who love and respect him. hassan and hussayn are the best of the young people of paradise". imam ali by order and commands of the holy prophet appointed imam hassan to be the imam of the muslim ummah, nation, after himself. imam hassan continued to preach the true islam and kept warning people about consequences of injustice and violating the laws of allah

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