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امام علی ---------- Imam Ali

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Ali was the son of Abu talib and a cousin of prophet Muhammad. he was brought up from childhood by the prophet himself. the prophet personally taught and trained him. Ali became the first man to accept Islam and pray with the prophet. he spent most of his time with the prophet even when he was no longer a child. he learned the verses of the qur'an with ease and knew the message and laws which the prophet had brought to the people; this message and laws which form the religion, Islam. there was none equal in ability to Ali in prayer, knowledge, kindness, bravery and hard work. he was a brave and powerful man. his sayings were righteous and his actions were noble. he wore simple clothes and ate simple food. he would always think carefully before doing something. his actions were based on equality and justice. imam ali treated people as if they were his close friends. he would show respect to everyone and was never unkind or unfair to anyone. imam ali was the true defender of justice. he would continually fight against cruel and unjust people until they stopped their cruelty and injustice.


Imam Ali has said,"if you give me the whole world and ask me to take just one grain from the mouth of an ant by force, I will never do it." at the command of god, the prophet of islam chose ali as his successor and leader of the muslims after him. Imam Ali lived for about thirty years after the death of prophet Muhammad. in the fortieth year, hijra, the nineteenth night of the month of ramadhan, in the mosque of kufa, imam Ali became a martyr (killed for the cause of allah). the shrine of imam ali is in najaf, a city in Iraq. we muslims should visit his shrine if we get the chance

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