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داستان انگبيسي و زيباي ساندويچ ديو (Dave's sandwiches)

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Dave's sandwiches  

Dave worked in a factory, and he always made sandwiches in the morning, took them to work and ate them at midday
Then he married, so he thought; now my wife's going to make my sandwiches. On the first day, she made him some, and when he got home in the evening, she said to him, where the sandwiches all right?
Oh yes he answered but you only gave me two slices of beard.
The next day she gave him four slices. But he said again, four slices aren’t enough. The third day she gave him eight slices but those were not enough for him either, so on the fourth day she took a loaf of beard, cut it in half and put a big piece of meat in it .in the evening she said to him, was your lunch nice? Oh yes he answered. But two slices of beard aren’t enough.



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