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داستان انگلیسی THE FOX AND THE LAMB

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Once a wolf was drinking water at the head of the stream. All of a sudden, he saw a little lamb drinking water at a distance downstream.

On seeing the lamb, the wolf licked his chops and decided to eat it up. So, he walked towards the lamb. While going, he kept thinking of some excuse for his action. Getting near the lamb, he looked at it with blood-shot eyes and thundered, "How dare you spoil the water for me?"

Trembling in fear, the lamb replied, "How can I do that, sir? The water is flowing from you to me."

The wolf had no words to say. Then he again thought of something and suddenly burst out, "Why did you abuse me last year?"

Meekly, the lamb retorted, "How is it possible, sir? I was not even born at that time."

"Well if it wasn't you, it must have been your mother." Saying this, he attacked the lamb and tore it into pieces.
The wolf already decided to eat the lamb and he was just giving excuses to kill it.

The End

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