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مکالمه / آموزش مکالمه زبان انگلیسی مکالمات تجاری اداری بازر

Asking for help or offering help

عباراتی برای پیشنهاد کمک به همکارانتان
"I finished my project already so I have extra bandwidth. Let me know if you need help with anything."
bandwidth : در اینجا یعنی داشتن وقت آزاد

"You're doing the analysis on ABC Company? I did that last year. If you need any help, just let me know."
"I'm pretty familiar with your project so if you have any questions, feel free to ask me."
درخواست کمک از همکاران کمی سخت تر است که می توانید از عبارات زیر استفاده کنید
"I'm having trouble implementing Plan A on ABC Company. Can you look at my work and see if I am missing a step?"
"Can you help me analyze the finance data? This is my first time and I don't want to screw it up."
"Do you have a few minutes to help me with the data migration tool? I can't figure it out

صحبت با همکاران در اداره

مکالمه / آموزش مکالمه زبان انگلیسی مکالمات تجاری اداری بازر

Talking to Co-Workers


اگر شما جلسه یا ملاقاتی را در اداره از دست دادید می توانید از همکارانتان در مورد این که چه مسائلی در آن اتفاق افتاد سوال کنید

"I missed the meeting. Can you fill me in?"

"I had a doctor's appointment so I missed the meeting. What happened?"

"I couldn't make it to the meeting today. Anything interesting I should know about?"

"I missed the meeting. Was there anything new?"

زمان دیگری که معمولا با همکارانتان صحبت می کنید وقتی است که رئیس خود را دوست ندارید یا رفتار های نامعقول از او مشاهده کرده اید در این گونه مواقع توجه کنید که همکارتان مورد اعتماد باشد در غیر این صورت صحبت های شما را به رئیستان انتقال می دهد


"Matt looks pretty upset right now. Do you know what's going on?"

"Did something happen recently? Matt looks pissed off."

"I think Matt is mad about something. Do you know what it could be?"


هنگامی که رئیستان با شما درست برخورد نمی کند نیز می توانید از همکارانتان سوال کنید که رفتار رئیس با انها چگونه است

"Matt talks to me like he is mad all the time. Does he do that to you?"
"Does Matt talk to you like he is upset? Or is it just me?"
"It's not you at all. He talks to me that way too."


"Matt is way too moody."
"If he knew what he was doing, we wouldn't be in this mess."


"What is wrong with Matt these days?"
"He is having one of those days again. I think his manager just gave him a hard time."


"What do you think about our manager?"
"He gets too mad easily and he doesn't really help us out that much. What do you think?" 


مکالمه در مورد صحبت کردن با رئیس اداره

مکالمه / آموزش مکالمه زبان انگلیسی مکالمات تجاری اداری بازر

 Talking to the Boss - Interactive Practice


A: "Hi Matt, I finished the assignment on the documents. Did you get a chance to review them?"
B: "Yeah. I already reviewed them. It was pretty good."
A: "Since it was my first project, I was wondering if I can get some feedback."
B: "Well, you finished the project on time. And seeing how it was your first assignment, you did very well."
A: "Thanks. If it wasn't my first assignment, where do you think I need to improve?"
B: "That's a fair question... I think you could have spent a little more time documenting the difference between Process A and Process B. You showed a lot of the similarities, but lacking a little on the differences."
A: "I'll keep that in mind. How about the structure? I changed the template a little because I wanted to add a section for recommendation."
B: "I liked the addition. Usually people just enter it into the comment section on the bottom but having a clear section makes it stand out. That was good."
A: "Was there anything else? I like to get feedback early so I can improve."
B: "No problem. Everything else on the assignment was great. The only other tip I can give you is sending me more updates. If I knew you were stuck on section C for a while, I could have saved you a lot of time. So keep me aware on your status."
A: "That makes sense. I'll do that. Thanks for the feedback."
B: "Don't mention it. And good job on the assignment."
A: "Thanks."

A: "Hi Mark. I completed Project A and didn't have anything else to work on. Should I find something to do, or did you have something lined up?"
B: "I won't have another assignment for you until next Monday. What will you be doing until then?"
A: "I'm not sure, I was thinking about investigating the reporting issue we are having, but that's a low priority now. But if there is nothing else to do, it might be good to finally fix that."
B: "How about John. He told me that he needed a little help on Project C. Why don't you ask him if he still needs help. If not, then check out the reporting issue."
A: "John? I've been meaning to talk to you about him."
B: "What's the problem?"
A: "I don't want to be out of line, but he's very difficult to work with. He looks over my shoulder all the time and doesn't like how I am doing things."
B: "Yeah. He is like that. I appreciate your feedback, and you are not the first to bring this up. Although he is difficult, he does get a lot of work done around here."
A: "I completely agree, and I will continue to work with him as well as I can. I just thought I should let you know instead of keeping it bottled up."
B: "I appreciate your honesty. But for now, you're going to have to tolerate his methods a little longer. I'll see if the director is willing to have a talk with John about this problem."
A: "Ok. Well, I'll go see what type of help John needs. If there is nothing, I'll work on the reporting problem. Either way, I'll send you an email letting you know what I am working on."
B: "That would be perfect. Thanks."
A: "Thanks. I'll talk to you later."
B: "Ok. Bye


سوال کردن برای انجام کار های دیگر در اداره

مکالمه / آموزش مکالمه زبان انگلیسی مکالمات تجاری اداری بازر

Asking for more work

  بعضی مواقع شما کارهای روزمره خود را انجام داده اید و کاری برای انجام دادن ندارید در نتیجه از رئیس اداره می توانید در مورد انجام کار های دیگر سوال کنید


"Hi Mark, I finished all my weekly duties already. Do you have more work I can do?"

"I've been completing my work early on a regular basis. Can I have more responsibilities?"

"I have a lot of extra time. I usually double check all my work, but that doesn't take much time. Is there any additional work I can do?"


بعضی مواقع قبل از سوال کردن از رئیستان می توانید کار دیگری برای خود پیدا کنید بعد آن را با رئیستان مطرح کنید


"I have been completing my work a day early every week. I know the reference material has been sitting there for some time. Would you like me to do that project, or did you want to assign another project to me?"



بعضی مواقع که کارها زیاد است و نیاز به کمک دارید می توانید عباراتی مانند زیر به کار ببرید


"Hi Mark, the addition we made to the project made it difficult to complete by myself. If the deadline doesn't change, I will need some help to complete it. Can you assign someone to help me out?"


"I have spent every minute on this project and have been putting in serious overtime. This project is a lot bigger than we anticipated. I am going to need some help to complete it on time. Do you have anyone available to help me?"


"The Alpha project has been eating so much of my time that I didn't have much time to work on the Beta project. Is there anyone with extra bandwidth to help me finish the Beta project


صحبت با رئیستان در مورد رئیسی دیگر

مکالمه / آموزش مکالمه زبان انگلیسی مکالمات تجاری اداری بازر

Talking to your boss about another boss

بعضی اوقات اداره ها چندین رئیس دارند که همزمان با هم کاری را به شما واگذار می کنند در اینگونه موارد شما

می توانید به رئیس مستقیم خود مراجعه کنید و عباراتی مانند زیر را بیان نمایید

"Hey Mark. I'm doing all the projects you gave me, but John gives me additional work. I don't mind it, but lately it's been too much."


"Hey Mark. John has been assigning a lot of work to me. I have a lot of current work I am doing, so I would like to know what work has more priority."


"John wants me to do the payroll analysis. He said he needs it by end of week. But didn't you want the employee headcount finished by Friday? I can't finish both. What should I do first?"


"I'm having some problems with John lately. He is very critical and puts me down in public. I don't know what I am doing wrong so I don't know where I need to improve. What do you think I should do about this?"


"John has been very difficult to work with. He is very bossy and expects everything to be done his way. I have been tolerating it because he is a manager, but some of his methods are wasting a lot of time. I always suggest other ways, but he will not hear me out."


چاپفرستادن به ایمیل

مکالمه در مورد استعفا دادن از شغل

مکالمه / آموزش مکالمه زبان انگلیسی مکالمات تجاری اداری بازر

Quitting or Leaving Work - Interactive Practice


A: "Hi Mark, I have something important to tell you."
B: "Come on in. What's on your mind?"
A: "Well, I have decided to leave the company. I had a wonderful time here, but it is time to move on for me."
B: "May I ask why?"
A: "I got an offer from ABC Company. It's a management position and I really don't want to let this opportunity pass me by. You know I have been looking for a management position here, but all the positions here are full."
B: "I understand your decision and you have my support."
A: "Thanks for understanding. I can work here two more weeks."
B: "Ok. Will you be able to finish your current assignment?"
A: "Yes I will. And if you hire someone within two weeks, I would be happy to provide training on my areas."
B: "That would be great. We're going to miss you here."
A: "I'm going to miss this place too. Thanks."

A: "Hi Mary, I interviewed with another company and they offered me a position. I wanted to let you know before I made my decision."
B: "I'm sorry to hear that. But I appreciate you telling me before you accepted the offer."
A: "I really enjoy my work here, but I was concerned about the lack of opportunities. I put in effort to gain more experience here, but the projects are limited."
B: "What would help you to decide to stay?"
A: "I would consider staying more if I could change my position. I would love working in this same group, but I would like to be doing something different. And finally, they offered me 6 percent more than my current salary."
B: "When do you have to make a decision by?"
A: "They want me to respond in a week."
B: "Let me see what I can do and I'll let you know tomorrow or on Wednesday. Can you wait until then?"
A: "That's not a problem."
B: "Great. I'm going to do everything I can to keep you on board."
A: "I appreciate what you are doing for me."
B: "It's the least I can do. You're a valuable asset here."


صحبت در مورد استعفا ازشغل یا مرخصی گرفتن

مکالمه / آموزش مکالمه زبان انگلیسی مکالمات تجاری اداری بازر

Quitting or Leaving Work


وقتی پیشنهاد جدید کاری برایتان پیش بیاید باید از شغل قبلی خود استعفا کنیدنمونه ای از جملاتی که می توانید استفاده کنید


"Hi Mark, I have a wonderful opportunity to work at a different company. I enjoyed my time here, but I shouldn't pass this up. I am putting in my two week notice."


"Hi Mark, unfortunately I have to tell you that I am leaving the company. I really enjoyed my time here and I appreciated all your help on my tasks. I have to put in my two week notice."


"Hi Mark, I received an offer from a different company. This is a great opportunity for me so I accepted the offer. My decision on leaving is not because I didn't like my duties here. I really enjoyed my experience. But I am at a point where I want to find other challenges. I hope you can understand."


بعضی وقت ها برای بودن در کنار خانواده احتیاج به مرخصی دارید اگر کارمند خوبی باشید مدت قابل توجه ای می توانید به مرخصی بروید


"Mark, I have decided to leave the company. I have worked here for 10 years and I really enjoyed it. But I want to take a break and spend more time with my family. So I am putting in my two week notice."


"Hi Mark, I have come to a decision to leave the company. I am going to travel for a year and this is the best time period for me to do so. I always wanted to travel for an extended time period, and this is the only time I can do it. I can work for another month, so hopefully that should give you some time to find a replacement. And if you want, I can train the new employee on my areas."


به توافق رسیدن قبل از استعفا از کار از مواردی است که مانع از استفعا می شود


"Hi Mark, I am at a crossroad in my career. I have recently interviewed with a different company and they extended an offer to me. I haven't decided yet, but I wanted to tell you before coming to a decision."


در این لحظه ممکن است از شما بخواهند که بمانید پس شما می توانید سوالات خود را مطرح کنید


"If I didn't like this company, it would be an easy decision, but I really like it here. However, I have been asking to take on Program Management responsibilities here. Also, they are offering me a 6 percent higher salary than my current pay. Can anything be done about these two things?


"Hi Mark, I have been thinking about moving back to my home town. I have a job lined up, but I haven't decided yet. I wanted to let you know before I make my final decision."


عبارات عمومی گه هنگام استعفا دادن می توانید به همکارانتان بگویید 


"Next Friday is my last day."
"I already put in my two week notice."
"I'm leaving the company."


"I accepted a job offer from ABC Company. This Friday will be my last day here."


"I'm leaving this dump."
"I would've left a lot sooner but I had to get a job lined up first."
"I got screwed here so many times. I don't want to work here anymore. My last day is this Friday."


"It was great working with you. I wish you the best on this project."
"I had a wonderful time here. I wish the best for you."
"I really enjoyed working with you. I'll send you my personal email so keep in touch."


وقتی همکارتان درحال ترک اداره است می توانید از چنین عباراتی استفاده کنید


"I hope you enjoy your new job. Let me know if they have any another opening."
"Good luck in your new job. We'll keep your seat warm for you in case you want to return."
"Hey Jack, good luck with your new job and save me a seat."
"We'll miss you here. Good luck with your new career." 


مکالمه در مورد دیر رسیدن به سر کار

مکالمه / آموزش مکالمه زبان انگلیسی مکالمات تجاری اداری بازر

Late  – Interactive Practice

A: “Jack. Can I see you in my office?”
B: “Sure.”
A: “You have been late 3 times in the last 2 weeks. Is this going to be a continual problem?”
B: “I’m so sorry. I really got unlucky this morning.”
A: “Being late once in a while is based on luck. If you are late frequently, it shows that you are irresponsible. How are you going to fix it?”
B: “Last week, I had a lot of personal problems. I took care of all those problems and I don’t have any excuse to be late anymore. I planned on coming in to the office early today, but there was an accident that held up traffic.”
A: “You better start anticipating all problems because I’m not going to tolerate your tardiness any longer. Is that clear?”
B: “Perfectly clear. I will not be late again.”
A: “That’s all.”


A: “Hey Martha, is there anything urgent that needs to be done today?”
B: “No. I don’t believe so. Why?”
A: “I have a terrible headache and I was wondering if it would be ok if I could leave a little early today.”
B: “I don’t see why not. You can make up the time later in the week.”
A: “That’s what I was thinking too. But as for today, I don’t think I can be productive.”
B: “It’s already two o’clock now. What time were you going to leave?”
A: “I’m just going to wrap up and leave pretty soon. Probably in about thirty minutes.”
B: “Ok. Get some rest. If you are sick tomorrow, give me a call.”
A: “Aright. Thanks. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

A: “Hi Martha. This is Jack. I think I caught a flu or something. I feel worse than yesterday.”
B: “You better stay home today then.”
A: “I think that will be best. I’ll log my sick day tomorrow when I get in.”
B: “No problem. Just get some rest. We have everything covered here so don’t worry.”
A: “Ok. Just in case something happens, you can call me at home. I’ll be here all day.”
B: “Ok. Thanks for calling. I’ll see you when you get better.”
A: “Aright. Thanks. Bye


مرخصی گرفتن

مکالمه / آموزش مکالمه زبان انگلیسی مکالمات تجاری اداری بازر

Taking a planned day off

"Can I use a vacation day this Friday?"
"Will it be ok if I use a personal day this Thursday?"
"I have to catch up on a lot of errands, so can I use a vacation day on Monday?"
"My parents are coming into town. Can I take Thursday and Friday off?"


"I would like to use my vacation days for the first week of June. Will that be ok?"

"Will it be ok if I take the last week of July off?"
"Can I schedule a vacation for the second week of August?"
"I was wondering if I can take a vacation. Can I take the first two weeks off in September?"


چاپفرستادن به ایمیل

غیبت در سر کار به علت بیماری

مکالمه / آموزش مکالمه زبان انگلیسی مکالمات تجاری اداری بازر

Sick day

"Martha? This is Jack. I have a fever and I will not be able to come in today."
"Hi Mary, I have to use a sick day today. I’m feeling terrible right now."
"Hi Steve, this is Mark. I wanted to let you know that I am too sick to come in today."
"Hi Andrew, this is Josh. I’m pretty sick so I will not be able to make it in today. I was feeling sick last night and thought I would be better after some sleep, but it just got worse."

"Hi Sam, this is Jessica. I have some urgent personal matters I have to deal with. I won’t be able to make it in."
"Mark? This is John. My dad went into the emergency room this morning. I’m not sure what the problem is, but I don’t think I can make it in today. I’ll send you an update later."
"My son all of the sudden got really sick. I have to take him to the hospital now. I doubt I can make it in today. Will that be ok?"
"Jake? Will it be ok if I take the day off? My grandmother just passed away and I don’t think I will be able to work today."


زود تر از سر کار برگشتن

مکالمه / آموزش مکالمه زبان انگلیسی مکالمات تجاری اداری بازر

Leaving Work Early



وقتی می خواهید زود تر از زمان معمول کار را ترک کنید


"I have to leave a little early today. Is it ok if I finish my work at home?"
"I have a dentist appointment at four. I have to leave early today."
"I have a dentist appointment tomorrow at four. Is it ok if I leave early tomorrow?"
"I have to pick up my wife at the airport tomorrow. Is it ok if I leave at three


"I have a conference with my son’s teacher tomorrow at three thirty. I have to leave at three. Will that be ok?"



"I have a terrible headache. Is it ok if I leave early today?"

"I think I might be coming down with the flu. I should get some rest and try to fight this thing off early. May I leave early today?"
"I’m not feeling well. I think I should get some rest. Will it be ok if I go home early today?"


"My son got sick and I have to pick him up from school. Will that be ok?"


دیر رسیدن به سر کار

مکالمه / آموزش مکالمه زبان انگلیسی مکالمات تجاری اداری بازر

A Little Late, Very Late

              وقتی در اداره یا شرکت به دلایلی مانند ترافیک یا هر مسئله دیگری دیر می رسید برای معذرت خواهی

می توانید از عبارات زیر استفاده کنید

وقتی برای زمان کوتاهی (۵ دقییقه ) دیر می رسید



"Sorry I’m late. Traffic was unusually bad today."
"I apologize for being late. I had to drop off my wife at work. It took longer than I thought."
"I had a dentist appointment this morning and it was longer than I expected."
"I’m sorry for being late. I got stuck in every light this morning."


 هنگامی که دیر کرده اید و  ریئس، شما را می بیند از همچنین جملاتی استفاده می کند



"Running late this morning?"
"What held you up this morning?"
"Do you have a reason for being late?"
"Why are you late?"


اگر دیر کردن عادت هر روز شما باشد ممکن ریئستان کمی عصبانی شود


"You have been late three times in the last two weeks. Is this going to be a continual problem?"
"Your tardiness is getting out of hand. You better start managing your morning time better."
"I expect you to be at your desk at eight o’clock. Do you have a problem with this?


اگر همچنین اتفاقی افتاد بهتر است برای آرام کرد او از عباراتی مانند زیر استفاده کنید

"I am terribly sorry. It won’t happen again."
"I had a lot of recent changes at home, but it’s all taken care of. I will not be late again."
"I’m really sorry. It’s been one of those weeks. It won’t happen again."


اگر بیش از ۵ دقیقه دیر کردید


"Hi Barbara, I’m going to be 30 minutes late today. My car is having trouble this morning, so I arranged for a ride with a friend."
"Hey Jack, I’m running a little late today. I just got out of my dentist appointment and it was longer than I expected."
"Mark? This is Pat. I’m stuck in traffic. I think there is an accident that is holding up traffic. I’m going to be a little late."

وقتی از قبل برنامه ریزی و هماهنگ کرده اید در هنگام دیر کردن نگران نیستید



"I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning. Remember I told you earlier this week? I’ll come in right after my appointment."
"My daughter has been sick, so I’m going to take her to see the doctor tomorrow morning. Is it ok if I’m a little late? My appointment is at seven in the morning, so I’ll only be an hour late."
"I have to take my parents to the airport tomorrow. I shouldn’t be too late, but wanted to tell you ahead of time."


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