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Complaining about the company



"This is a dead end job. I don't see much of a future here."

"I hate the redundancy. It's so boring."

"Work isn't exciting for me anymore. I am doing the same thing over and over again."


"This company doesn't care about employees that much. I haven't received a fair raise in 3 years."


"I don't know if it is my manager or this company, but I'm really getting sick of my job."


"How do you tolerate all the political bull shit in this company?"

"What do you think about all the politics in this company?"

"The politics suck here. But it is the same for any large corporation. The best way to deal with it is to take advantage of the rules."



"I don't know how much longer I can take this job. I've been thinking about applying to a different company."

"Have you ever thought about leaving this company?"

"What company do you want to switch to?"


"I started applying for other jobs. There are a lot of positions open."

"I've been looking for jobs on monster.com. They have a lot of positions available."


شکایت از یک همکار به همکار دیگر در اداره

مکالمه / آموزش مکالمه زبان انگلیسی مکالمات تجاری اداری بازر

Complaining about another co-worker to a co-worker


عبارات زیر جملاتی است که در رابطه با شکایت کردن از همکاری به همکار دیگر گفته می شود

"Have you worked with Jake yet? He can't do anything right."

"The problem with Jake is that he doesn't know that he is an idiot."

"I remember helping Jake out so much, and then he stabs my back."

"I don't think he does his own work. He goes around asking everyone to do a portion of his work and says he did it all."


"If you have to work with Jake, remember the things I told you."

"Is management blind or am I being too sensitive about this?"

"I think the manager likes him because he kisses her ass all day long


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