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در اداره سه نوع دفتر کار برای کارمندان وجود دارد بدین صورت که یا هر کارمند دفتر کار مجزا دارد یا در یک فضای بزرگ


میز های کارمندان را در کنار هم قرار می دهند یا اداره از اتاقک های کیوسک مانندی در کنار هم تشکیل می شود(پارتیشن بندی)


  در اداره هایی که میز های کارمندان در کنار هم است  فضای راحتی برای کار کردن وجود ندارد


عبارات عمومی در این موررد 


"It's not that bad, but there is no privacy."
"I wouldn't mind it so much if the manager couldn't see every minute of my day."
"I hate it. Even if they can't give us offices, they could at least give us cubicles."


"The reason I hate it so much is because I can't take a small break. Since the manager is always looking at everyone, even when I am not working, I have to pretend like I am."


"There are a lot of distractions. I can hear everything everyone says in the whole office."
"Mary sometimes turns on the music. It's not that bad, but sometimes I want it quiet."


"If I have a complaint about something, I can't talk to the manager because everyone will hear. I have to set up a meeting and use the conference room."




سوالات و درخواست ها




"I don't have another outlet near my desk. Can I get a power strip?"


"Can I move to a different location? The sun always glares off my monitor and I have trouble working."


"Can I sit on the other side of the room? This is too close to the door and it gets cold here."


"I get hot easily. Would it be possible if I sit next to the door? It is much cooler there."


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