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مکالمه / آموزش مکالمه زبان انگلیسی مکالمات تجاری اداری بازر

"I have to go. I have a meeting I'm late for."
"I have to go to a meeting now. I'll talk to you later."
"I forgot about my 1:00 meeting. I don't have much time for lunch."



"I'll finish the feedback form after my meeting."
"I'll be in meetings all day today."


"I have five meetings today, so I won't have time to help you with this now. Let's set up a time for tomorrow."


"The meeting went an hour over."
"The meeting was canceled."
"The meeting started 15 minutes late."
"George didn't arrive to the meeting on time."


"We finished late because John had problems with his computer during the presentation portion of the meeting."


"Are you going to the company meeting next week?"


"Can you set up a meeting for our brainstorm session?"
"My calendar looks pretty clear on Thursday. Set up a meeting for that day."



"I hate meetings. I think they are a waste of time. I'm an engineer, not a planner."
"I don't know why I have to go to those meetings. I never learn anything from them and I never say a thing."


"I can't believe our weekly meeting is at six o'clock in the morning. I hate waking up that early."


"If I skip that meeting, I wonder if anyone will notice."


"That meeting was hilarious. I can't believe the manager forgot John's name."


"I get so sleepy at meetings."
"I almost fell asleep during that meeting."


"I had a hard time keeping myself from laughing. I saw you falling asleep during the meeting."

صحبت های بعد از ملاقات یا جلسات اداری

مکالمه / آموزش مکالمه زبان انگلیسی مکالمات تجاری اداری بازر

After the Meeting


سوال کردن در مورد بازتاب جلسه


"What did you think about my presentation?"
"Did you think the meeting went ok?"
"Can you provide feedback on the meeting we just had?"
"Did you find the meeting useful?"
"Did the meeting help to clarify the current situation?"
"Is there any part of our discussion during the meeting that you are still unsure about?"


فراهم کردن بازتاب

بعضی مواقع جلسات مفید وجالب نیستند ولی وقتی می خواهید با دوستانتان در مورد آن صحبت کنید باید جواب های

حرفه ای بدهید


"I thought the presentation went well. You provided great information and I think everyone was impressed."
"The meeting went well. We covered a lot of information and made some important decisions."
"The whole presentation went pretty well, but next time I would recommend that you talk a little slower. When we were running out of time, you started speaking too fast and it was hard to keep up."


"Most of the time, our weekly meeting is pretty dull, but today was quite useful."


"I understand what is happening to our project now, but I'm still unclear about exactly who is affected by this change


صحبت های طی ملاقات یا جلسات اداری

مکالمه / آموزش مکالمه زبان انگلیسی مکالمات تجاری اداری بازر

During the Meeting




سوالاتی که در طول جلسه پرسیده می شود


 "I have a question. Why is marketing not handling the portion on end user analysis? They usually did this work in the past."

"How will the new addition to our project affect the deadline that we have?"

"Are we making sure to incorporate user feedback on the changes we are making?"


اظهار نظر هایی که در طی جلسه می توانید مطرح کنید


"I agree with Mark. The correct approach is to send out the tools to our partners before making it public to everyone."


"In my opinion, I think we should introduce our new line of printers in August. Many companies get more funding at this time, and students are school shopping. Our target market will be more responsive to our ads during this time period."



"I think we can go either way. I believe both solutions will take care of it."


سوال برای واضح شدن مطالبی که در طول جلسه مطرح می شود 


"I didn't understand why we are going to be late. I thought we had everything planned out early. What were the reasons again?"


"Can you elaborate on how this process can help the sales department?"


"Can you clarify the second step in your solution proposal? I don't understand why it is necessary


صحبت های قبل از ملاقات یا جلسات اداری

مکالمه / آموزش مکالمه زبان انگلیسی مکالمات تجاری اداری بازر

Before the meeting


سوالاتی که قبل از قرار ملاقات مطرح می شود مانند سوالات زیر است

"Hi Jack. Do you know who is coming to your meeting at 2:00?"
"Who all did you invite to the triage meeting?"


"Hi Jack. How long do you think the meeting will be?"
"I have to schedule another appointment at 4:00 but I don't want it to overlap with yours. How long is the meeting going to be?"
"Is the meeting going to be more than an hour?"


"What time was the meeting again?"
"When are you going to make that presentation? I thought it was today?"


وقتی افراد نمی توانند در ملاقات ها حاضر باشند  از عبارات زیر استفاده می کنند


"I have another appointment that conflicts with your meeting. I will not be able to make it."

"I have another meeting that I cannot miss. I won't be able to make yours."

"I won't be able to go to the 3:00 meeting. I have another appointment at the same time."

"I can't go to the meeting at 4:00. I have a doctor's appointment. Can you take notes for me?"

"I'm going to be out of town tomorrow, so I won't be able to attend the quarterly meeting. Can you send me a mail on the topics that were discussed

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