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مکالمه / آموزش مکالمه زبان انگلیسی مکالمات تجاری اداری بازر

Office Basics – Interactive Practice


A: “I can’t get the printer to work.”
B: “Did you check to see if it had paper?”
A: “Yeah. That’s the first thing I checked.”
B: “I don’t know then. You might have to call the technician.”
A: “How do I do that?”
B: “Just tell the admin and she should take care of it.”
A: “Is there another printer that I can use?”
B: “Yeah. There’s one down the hall next to the supply room.”
A: “Oh yeah… I remember that one. Thanks.”
B: “No problem.”
A: “Do you have a lot of work?”
B: “Yeah. I’m pretty busy. Why?”
A: “Oh. I needed some help on documenting this process.”
B: “Does this have to be done right now?”
A: “The manager wants it by Friday.”
B: “I’ll try to free up my schedule. Remind me again tomorrow morning, and I’ll help you in the afternoon.”
A: “Do you need to read the documents first?”
B: “Yeah. That would help.”
A: “I’ll print you a copy and then drop them off.”
B: “Make sure you drop it off before five because I have to leave early.”
A: “No problem. Thanks.”

A: “Are you new here?”
B: “Yeah. I just started yesterday.”
A: “Welcome aboard. I’m Jack.”
B: “I’m Mark. Nice to meet you.”
A: “What are you going to be working on?”
B: “I’m going to work on the planning team. But I haven’t started yet. I’m still in training.”
A: “The planning team is great. Our marketing team works with them closely. We’ll end up working together sometimes.”
B: “That’s great. Oh, can I ask you some questions?”
A: “Sure.”
B: “Does this company have a casual Friday?”
A: “Not really. You can get away with wearing slacks, but I’ve never seen anyone wear jeans.”
B: “That’s alright. Do you know any good places to eat around here?”
A: “Yeah there’s a deli right across the street. They have fresh sandwiches and sometimes hot dishes like teriyaki. It’s pretty good.”
B: “That sounds good. Thanks for the info.”
A: “No problem. If you need anything, I sit right around the corner here


صحبت در مورد کارها با همکاران در اداره

مکالمه / آموزش مکالمه زبان انگلیسی مکالمات تجاری اداری بازر

I’m Busy



عبارات عمومی

"I’m busy with work."
"Can I do this later?"
"Does this have to be done now?"
"When do you need this by?"
"When is the deadline?"


"I’m not going to have time for any other assignment until Thursday."


"I’ll try to free up my schedule."
"I’m pretty sure I can meet the deadline."
"If I don’t get any help on this, I won’t be able to complete it on time."
"I’ll do whatever I can do make sure this is done on time."


"You can count on me."
"Have I ever let you down?"


وقتی فایلی یا پوشه ای را پیدا نمی کنید می توانید از همکاران بپرسید

"Do you know where the ABC file is at?"
"Do you have the ABC file?"
"Is anybody using the ABC file right now?


"Did you check the file cabinet? It should be there."
"Check the bin. Sometimes people throw it in there after they are done."


"Oh… it’s in my desk. I forgot to put it back."
"It’s in my office. I’ll get it for you.


وقتی به کتاب یا پوشه ای نیاز دارید که روی میز همکارتان است می توانید از او قرض بگیرید


"Are using this book right now?"
"Can I borrow this book?"


"Are you finished with this file?"
"Are you done with this report?"
"Can I use this file?"


عبارات عمومی دیگر که در اداره یا شرکت می توانید در هنگام نیاز به کار ببرید



"Do you have an extra mouse? Mine broke."
"Do you have another network cable? The one I have is too short."
"Do you have a blank floppy disk I can have?"
"I ran out of labels. Do you have any I can have?"


"Can I borrow your stapler?"
"Do you have a hole puncher?"
"Do you have a staple remover by any chance?"


درخواست تجهیزات در اداره ها

مکالمه / آموزش مکالمه زبان انگلیسی مکالمات تجاری اداری بازر

Requesting Equipment


"I’m out of staples. Do we have any more in the supply room?"
"The supply room is running low on pens. I think we should get more."


"My monitor is very old. It’s a little blurry and it gives me a headache when I look at it for a long duration. Could I get a new monitor?"
"My computer is too slow. It slows down my work. I would like a faster computer. It will increase my efficiency on many of my tasks."


"I would like an ergonomic keyboard. I can type much faster with those."


"Can I get a new chair? This one is so uncomfortable."


"Can you get me a headset for the telephone? I’m on the phone most of the day and I would like to free up my hands."


صحبت در مورد قوانین اداره ها

مکالمه / آموزش مکالمه زبان انگلیسی مکالمات تجاری اداری بازر

Company Policies

هر اداره و شرکتی قواعد مربوط به خود را در مورد موضوعات مختلف مانند زمان استراحت ،مرخصی به کارمندان و ... دارد


سوالاتی که می توانید در مورد این قواعد بپرسید


"How long are we allowed for lunch?"
"How long is our lunch break?"
"If I only take a 30 minute lunch, can I leave 30 minutes earlier?"


"What time should I report to work?"
"Is there a strict policy on working hours?"
"Are we allowed to start work an hour later if we work an hour more?"


"What is the dress code here?"
"Are we allowed to wear casual clothes on Friday?"
"Does this company have the casual Friday thing?"


"If I have ten vacation days, am I allowed to use them all at once?"
"What holidays do we have off?"
"Do our vacation days expire?"


"Does this company allow telecommuting?"
"Are we allowed to work from home?"


صحبت در مورد مشکلات دستگاه ها در اداره

مکالمه / آموزش مکالمه زبان انگلیسی مکالمات تجاری اداری بازر

 Machine Problems


در این بخش از مشکلاتی که هنگام خراب شدن دستگاه ها در اداره اتفاق می دهد صحبت خواهیم کرد


"Do you know what’s wrong with the printer?"
"Who do we call to report a problem with the printer?"
"When is the printer going to be fixed?"
"The printer next to the break room is broken. Where is the other printer?"


"The copy machine is jammed again."
"The copy machine is broken."
"We need to get the copy machine fixed."
"A technician is coming this afternoon to fix the copy machine."
"Where is the paper for the copy machine?"
"We need to order more paper. We’re running low


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