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این یک خبر کوتاه دربارهی مذاکرات ایران و 5+1 در مذاکرات هسته ای است که چند روز پیش خبر به پایان رسیدن موفقیت آمیز آن را شنیدیم. امیدوارم با خواندن این خبر کوتاه ، کمی با متن های مطبوعاتی انگلیسی بیشتر آشنا شوید.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and EU Foreign Policy Chief Federica Mogherini briefed media on conclusion of nuclear talks during a closing plenary of the very long negotiations between Iran and 5+1.

“We all know the decision we are going to take today is not only on Iran’s nuclear program, but it is much much more than this; it is a decision that can open the way to a new chapter in international relations and show that diplomacy, coordination and cooperation can overcome decades of tension and confrontation,” Mogherini said.

Mr. Zarif, for his part, expressed gratitude to all involved during the negotiations. He stressed that the historic agreement is not perfect for anyone but it is an important achievement for all of the parties involved.

“Today could have been the end of hope on this issue, but now we are starting a new chapter of hope,” Zarif highlighted.

Following the meeting, an official statement on the agreement will be issued by Iran and the European Union.

After news of the deal emerged, Yukiya Amano, the chief of the International Atomic Energy Agency, said he had signed a roadmap with the Iranian government for the clarification of past and present outstanding issues regarding Iran’s nuclear program.

فایل صوتی را از ادامه ی مطلب دانلود کنید.

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به تازگی من شروع به گذاشتن مطالبی با این فرم کرده ام. یعنی متنی کوتاه با موضوعی خاص که فایل صوتی آن را هم در اختیار کاربران قرار می دهم. این مطالب به کاربردی تر کردن زبان و در نتیجه ی آن یادگیری بهتر و عمیق تر آن کمک می کند.

A study on 50,000 adults in 25 countries showed the daughters of working mothers did better in school, completed more years of education, exhibited less bad behavior, depression and anxiety, they were more likely to be employed and as a result, they were more likely to have supervisory roles and to earn more money.

For boys, there was not much change in school and later life. However, while growing up the boys of working mothers did more housework and childcare. As adults, they were more likely to marry working women.

About three out of four American mothers work.

برای دانلود فایل صوتی این متن به ادامه ی مطلب بروید.

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