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Someone’s telling u that:

That's impossible!

U can’t do it!

Get rid of that!

Just give up!


This sentence has only 4 words but it has such a great impact on ur spirit that makes u enable to overcome all of those fake believes…

“Nothing Is Impossible Because

Impossible itself says that


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لينک ثابت

ذهن پریشون نویسنده:
چرا میره جلو عقربه هی ! متنفرم از ته دل من از اول مهر!

Academic resolutions help students tune up their school habits and start the New Year off on the right foot. These nine academic resolutions help students put an end to the habits that can cause stress and can interfere with the learning process.

1- Rise and Shine. All students can use a little extra time in the morning. By setting alarm clocks 10 minutes earlier, students can reduce the morning rush and alleviate stress.

2- Tune Out. TV and computers are the biggest student distractions, especially when it comes to homework. Students needn’t give up the computer or become TV-free, however. By simply eliminating one half-hour of screen time, students have more time to focus on schoolwork.

3- Prepare at night. Students can check items off their to-do list by preparing for school the night before. Choose clothing, re-pack book bags, and prepare lunches at night to reduce the morning rush.

4- Get organized. Resolve to use an agenda. Agendas help students stay on track so that homework and assignments are not forgotten.


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