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این کتاب از داستان های کوچک و کوتاه تشکیل شده است که می تواند روش خوبی برای یادگیری ترجمه و روخوانی زبان انگلیسی به حساب بیاید. این کتاب را به همه ی کاربران توصیه می کنیم.

قمست هایی از کتاب:

The terrorists have heavy firepower! Some of the surrounding dry grass caught fire, began burning out of control, lighting the scene. Tracker jammed another clip into his hot M16, pressed forward, zigzagging toward the train. Suddenly, he felt a searing shock—a bullet had pierced his left leg; rocked his senses. He reached down, felt some of his own slick, hot blood—didn't have time to try to stop the bleeding, pushed on, firing as he went, saw one of the terrorists take a hit, fall from the flatcar. He saw the nuclear missile—still dangerously rising toward launch position. Maybe we still have two minutes before launch, he thought. Maybe two! He pushed on— kept firing.

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سطح سوم level 3 

شامل ۱۱ داستان کوتاه

A boy at the beach A girl with balloons  A sad girl

A lady running in circles Drums

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ادامه ي مطلب

photograph from Working story

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Many people have been thinking about the floods that happened in New Orleans, Louisiana. California officials are thinking about floods too. In the spring, heavy rains and melting snow add a lot of water to the lake behind Folsom Dam. People believe too much water could breach the dam. Then the dam might break and flood the towns below the lake. A flood would be very dangerous for the people who live near the dam. They need to find a solution and a way to keep the nearby towns safe.

Senator Deborah Ortiz has an idea that might help. She wants to ask the State of California for funds to make the Folsom Dam seven feet taller. Then the dam would be able to hold back more water. This would help keep the towns safe from floods.

Senator Ortiz is also asking the state to build a new bridge across the water below the dam. Folsom Dam Road is above the dam, and a lot of traffic once used the road. Right now, the road is closed. Most of the people who used the road every day are angry. They demand that the road be opened again. A bridge would make it easier for people to get to the other side of the dam.

Senator Ortiz hopes that the state will pay for these projects. She thinks they will protect Sacramento and make the drivers happier.

ادامه ي مطلب

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