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with a thousand old memories. Hell, she did that all the time, even though he hadn't laid eyes on her for six years. He'd never been able to forget Danica Marshall. Never been able to get her out of his heart.

"Don't tell me you're just passing through town," she mocked.

He fingered the hat in his hand, wishing he could make this easier for her. "No. I won't say that."

They'd had a stormy, on-again-off-again love affair in high school. The year after he graduated, it had reached the feverish pitch that made him decide to leave this town once and for all. He'd told himself he had no regrets. He'd convinced himself there'd be no consequences. They had always been careful. Except for the one night they hadn't been.

Rumors usually spread like brushfire in Texas, but he supposed he'd gone too far away to hear them. When they finally reached him, he'd been devastated. He didn't know whether he was more angry at himself or at Danica for never reaching out to him. She could have found him if she'd wanted to. It made him wonder if the rumor was a lie. It ate away at him until he determined to learn the facts, even if it meant leaving his beloved ranch. Now that he was here, he could see the truth in her eyes.

He took a step toward her and sniffed the air. "Something smells delicious."

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