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به تازگی من شروع به گذاشتن مطالبی با این فرم کرده ام. یعنی متنی کوتاه با موضوعی خاص که فایل صوتی آن را هم در اختیار کاربران قرار می دهم. این مطالب به کاربردی تر کردن زبان و در نتیجه ی آن یادگیری بهتر و عمیق تر آن کمک می کند.

A study on 50,000 adults in 25 countries showed the daughters of working mothers did better in school, completed more years of education, exhibited less bad behavior, depression and anxiety, they were more likely to be employed and as a result, they were more likely to have supervisory roles and to earn more money.

For boys, there was not much change in school and later life. However, while growing up the boys of working mothers did more housework and childcare. As adults, they were more likely to marry working women.

About three out of four American mothers work.

برای دانلود فایل صوتی این متن به ادامه ی مطلب بروید.

متنی درباره ی طلای سفید با فایل صوتی

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این یک متن کوتاه درباره ی یک نوع پنیر است. کسانی که پنیر دوست دارند این قسمت را مطالعه کنند. امیدوارم هم از نظر محتوا مفید باشد و هم از نظر بالا رفتن سطح شما در خواندن متن های این چنینی!

فایل صوتی این متن کوتاه در ادامه ی مطلب برای دانلود موجود می باشد.

Bryndza is a very creamy cheese with zingy taste that is made from fresh sheep milk. A Latin tribal group called “the Romanian Vlachs” introduced this cheese to people of Slovakia in the 14th century. This country is the largest producer of Bryndza in Europe now.
As Bryndza contains pre-biotic substances, it may have remedial effects and is helpful in preventing cancer.

جوک انگلیسی "Two More (Dialog) Jokes" به همراه فایل صوتی

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Two More (Dialog) Jokes

A: "I was born in California."
B: "Which part?"
A: "All of me."

A: "Excuse me. Do you know the way to the zoo?"
B: "No, I'm sorry I don't."
A: "Well, it's two blocks this way, then one block to the left."

در صورت وجود مشكل در لينك ها آن را به ما گزارش دهيد.

برای دانلود یا گوش دادن به این فایل صوتی اینجا کلیک کنید.

منبع: سايت كلاس زبان انگليسي


جوک انگلیسی "Did you hear about ...?" به همراه فایل صوتی

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Did you hear about ...?

Did you hear about the blind carpenter who picked up his hammer and saw?

Did you hear about the deaf shepherd who gathered his flock and heard (herd)?

If you don't understand these, use your dictionary and look up the words "blind," "deaf," "saw," "heard" and "herd."


در صورت وجود مشكل در لينك ها آن را به ما گزارش دهيد.

برای دانلود یا گوش کردن فایل صوتی این جک انگلیسی اینجا کلیک کنید

منبع: سايت كلاس زبان انگليسي



دانلود کتاب صوتی انگلیسی English 20 Minute a Day

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9650English 20 minutes A Day English 20 Minute a Day

Published Date: 2007

Publisher: Sélection du Reader’s DigestBest Seller 2008 in English Learning Audio Book.”English in 20 minutes” is a complete course that bases the accumulation of knowledge on ALL four essential elements in learning a language: Listening, Conversation, Writing and Reading. You begin with some easy steps, such as intoducing yourself or looking for new information and you move on to actually having a vocabulary for sustaining your point of view, which is obviously the only way to persuade others to share it. Is easy to remember what you have learned because you learn a little everyday by having relevant conversations.

برای دانلود به ادامه ی مطلب بروید.


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